front lit mirror stainless steel sign letters with dges

Front Lit Letters & Logos

 Front Lit Channel letters and Logos are the most common form of Illuminated Signage Letters and Logos.  We offer several different varieties of front lit sign letters, logos and push thru sign boxes.  We can create a front lit sign letter or logo that will make you say; “Wow”! 

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back lit brushed stainless steel sign letter with green acrylic backing

Back Lit Letters & Logos

 If your going for the “higher end” of the illuminated Signage Letter and Logo appeal, then a Back Lit or Reverse Channel Sign Letter or Logo is the best option.  We offer several different metal options, or color matches all done with expert quality workmanship. 

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front and side lit stainless steel sign letter numbers with yellow acrylic face

Side Lit Letters & Logos

Side lit or we say all lit sign signage letters are made from Galvanized iron, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, aluminum plate with punched holes, very strong light brightness and visual impact, suitable for large advertising letters of high buildings.

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LED acrylic sign letter with white front and back lit in black side coating

LED Acrylic Letter

LED acrylic letter signage is becoming more and more popular in recent years, which is made from the acrylic engraved by the router or laser engraver, and with side coating and face painted in different colors, very friendly to the environmental protection. Suitable for shopping malls, storefront, and other corporate image logo, better enhance the company's brand image.

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